Saturday, 11 April 2009


How about the monument as some kind of 3D manifestation of our hexagonal diagram.. Some kind of central orb, focal point, from which extend our original forms, or a representation of our individual beings, all pointing inwards into this central collision area. This could be something similar to a planet orbit model, where shapes/motifs gather around then meet at a central 'gravitational' point. Cell like. (nucleus in the centre) Snowflake like. ('spokes' reaching out from the middle) Or more thought could go into the patterns, and the combining of the patterns, so that out motifs run through consistently into the monument. Personally I don't really think this is necessary, I think this monument should very simply yet boldly epitomize the act by which we meet and unite. it should very explicitly represent this motion of coming together, and becoming as 'one' in the centre. So i don't think it needs to be too preoccupied with the transferral of patterns and motifs, but more so with the form and shape of the model.
Here are some images with varying levels of relevance... thoughts?

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  1. is there any way to find out who made these monuments?