Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Visual Language: SYMBIOSIS and our application to reality

Other than geophysical changes, other 'humanitarian' changes occur constantly. Like what people decide is a country and hence their maps and flags change with time. Expressed pictorially, through these maps and things are some political and social changes in history. Political and social changes can be described as products of TIME and our changing concepts of SPACE. Shifting boarders, war over land, personal individual requirements of SPACE, outer SPACE and not to mention the considering housing issues across the globe. Decisions and THOUGHT changes as information becomes more widely available to an increasing number of people. How this information is manipulated and diverted by our influences and ideas about what we do and do not need to know. Similarly our understanding of the brain is changing. People's dependency and concept on SPIRITUALITY is changing and had changed dramatically this century (the collapse of Empires who's influences and control had deep connections with the church and higher archy in organized religion)...Hence changes in ideals change. Although the essence of compassion and AFFECTION are the same in theory, they have improved with TIME as many of us become more aware of the suffering of others. Our contact and communication with each other is different. The effects of breeding, SEX (over population, HIV/AIDS, justice and equality) and thus our needs and ideas of COMFORT alter in both the superficial and practical realms.

Any way, the point is that here are 3 different maps. We have to make a map. One map of the world from 1914 (I partially cropped the European continent for sake of example.)  The next is a post-war 1942 world map (again there is a crop of Europe). The last map is one with areas re-shaped in proportion to their scientific growth in 2008.  To be continued......

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